Learn More About Momentum Nonprofit Partners’ Programs


Essential Services for Organizations

Capacity Assessment: Momentum has partnered with 501Commons in Seattle, WA to deliver a new capacity assessment tool for local nonprofits. These confidential assessments will be offered free online to members and will identify specific gaps in capacity and provide specific recommendations for each organization.

Help Desk: The Help Desk will serve as the referral and information epicenter of Momentum. Individuals can call or email regarding any question related to nonprofit management. Our organization will respond with resources, helpful tips, and templates within one week. As a new replication partner with Standards for Excellence, Momentum will offer thousands of templates to members, from employee handbooks to business plans.

Learning for Individuals

Learning Labs: Unlike a traditional training, learning labs will be collaborative, interactive, hands-on learning utilizing the flipped classroom approach. Participants will be given easy online “homework” before the lab in order to maximize the time in the classroom. We believe in learning by doing rather than simply listening.

Boot Camps: A popular format offered for years continues with added features! Using the most current adult learning best practices, these multi-part learning opportunities will offer individual coaching between sessions. Individuals receive overviews of critical nonprofit best practices while participating in engaging, hands-on sessions.

Speaker Series: We will bring prominent, nationally recognized thought leaders to Memphis to address cutting edge issues, explore best practices, and provide critical insights for increased positive social impact. Speakers will provide lectures, followed by breakout sessions to connect to local work and facilitate planning for implementation.

Peer Learning Groups: In place of networking groups, Peer Learning Networks will be convened and managed by our organization. The groups will host guest speakers, facilitated conversations, networking, and other learning opportunities.

Nonprofit Symposium: Visionary local leaders from nonprofits, government, universities, and faith communities will provide talks around topics impacting the nonprofit sector. The Symposium will be fast and fun!

Learning and Action for Organizations

Design Labs: Design labs blend learning with hands-on innovation! Participants will be creative and thoughtful as they design new documents, policies, guiding principles, fundraising plans, and more. Every nonprofit will be encouraged to bring multiple staff and board members to provide different perspectives for the design process.

Cohort Learning: Beyond networking and idea sharing, this program will include teams from multiple organizations participating in sequential sessions together for up to a year that will foster peer learning communities around topics and/or service areas. Every participating organization will be encouraged to bring multiple representatives from their team.

Community Conversations: Community Conversations are the first step in building the trust and relationships that are necessary to advance equity and inclusion in the nonprofit sector. Nonprofit organizations will learn to build their cultural intelligence while dismantling the barriers that employees and service recipients face.

Community Roundtables: More than just a series of conversations, Community Roundtables will identify pressing issues in the nonprofit community, create actionable items for funders, nonprofits, and city government, and promote advocacy for addressing these issues that slow the momentum of the third sector. Roundtables will develop specific plans of action for the sector that include: development of new programming either within our organization or elsewhere; new collaborations; recommendations for training modules; recommendations to funders; data and research.


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