“Everything Changes” at Momentum Nonprofit Partners

Formerly The Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence, Momentum announces organizational changes to transform the Memphis nonprofit community

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Nov. 7, 2017 –Momentum Nonprofit Partners, formerly The Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence, announced transformative changes to the organization during its Announcement Celebration Nov. 7. The organization has rebranded, will increase its staff, move to a new location, revamp its programing model, change its membership structure and expand its board. Changes to the organization’s operations are a reflection of industry best practices and data collected from Memphis citizens and members of the nonprofit sector.

Every decision made, from rebranding to Momentum to expanding membership, can be tied back to the organization’s restructured mission: We build the momentum of the nonprofit sector to drive equitable, measurable and lasting change.

“The theme of our event was ‘Everything Changes,’ and the changes we announced for Momentum tonight speak directly to that adage,” said Kevin Dean, CEO of Momentum. “But that’s the point – this organization can spur meaningful change in the nonprofit sector.”

Since Dean joined the organization in February of this year, he and his team have worked to collect impactful data, through focus groups and surveys, that demonstrates the education and support needs of the nonprofit community in Memphis. The team also found that the models for other peer organizations around the country were in flux. This left the team with a golden opportunity – to completely transform the organization to not only meet the needs of the Memphis nonprofit community but to potentially become a national model.

“The data revealed that the nonprofit community needed additional support that the Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence was not offering,” said Carrie Burke, president of Momentum’s board. “So, we got to work. We collaborated, sought wise counsel and built a business plan that we’re incredibly proud to roll out.”

Momentum’s business model outlines a plan for growth in major categories including staffing, programing, location, community and business partnerships, investors, name and brand, membership structure and an expanded board. The organization has laid out how this will all roll out, with all changes set to be in place by the end of 2018. Just as data drove the development of this plan, it will also shape its future. Evaluation will be key as the organization begins the transformation process.

One notable change is in relation to membership. Momentum will no longer require membership dues, but will instead require that organizations have an account on WHEREtoGIVEmidsouth.org, the comprehensive nonprofit directory that is part of the LIVEGIVEmidsouth.org community information system. Organizations that have not yet acquired their 501(c)3 status will also have the opportunity to join and receive access to Momentum’s full range of services.

“We conducted a cost benefit analysis and found that our previous membership model was not only cost prohibitive to smaller nonprofits, but it was also not profitable for the organization,” Dean said. “Our adjusted business model uses data as currency, and this data is invaluable to our organization. It helps us create relevant programing, evaluate our successes and provide a meaningful experience to our members, which will drive participation and revenue for Momentum.”

Changes to Momentum’s programing were among the largest announcements made tonight. The new programing model is divided into three categories: essential services for organizations, learning for individuals, and learning and action for organizations. Regardless of the category, participants will be encouraged to think and work collaboratively within a group, develop as a professional, create meaningful products to support their organization, and to discuss and work to combat the issues affecting our community. While some of the programing will be offered for free, participation in many of the programs will be offered at a fixed cost that will be clearly outlined for members.

“As a longtime member of The Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence, I recognized some opportunities the organization had to better serve its members and community,” said Olliette Murry-Drobot, Executive Director of Family Safety Center and one of the new board members of Momentum. “This transformation will build stronger partnerships, hone the skills of emerging leaders and enable Memphis nonprofits to better fulfill their missions.”

“At the end of the day, we’re an organization that should grow and support nonprofits, and we believe our new model will allow our organization to live up to its full potential,” Burke said. “When we built this programing model, we put our members front and center. We know their time is limited, that they need tangible results and ways to track successes. Program participants will leave with action items, and oftentimes completed materials, to take back and apply to their organization.”

To make this programing model successful, Momentum knows it must create an environment where nonprofits can gather and build community. To do so, Momentum announced it will relocate to a new office space at 630 Cooper Street that is centrally located within the city, will feature classroom and meeting space to host the organization’s programs and is equipped with the newest technology. Momentum has also hired key personnel with extensive experience in adult education, nonprofit development and key areas of employment to ensure that the business plan is executed to its fullest potential. She attached bios for more details.

About Momentum Nonprofit Partners
Momentum Nonprofit Partners builds the momentum of the nonprofit sector to drive equitable, measurable and lasting change. Founded in 1992 as the Grant Information Center, and previously known as The Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence, the organization has evolved to become the leading provider of key nonprofit services in Memphis. Through everything it does, Momentum seeks to ensure that Memphis nonprofits are sustainable, have an equal seat at the decision-making table, are representative of the communities they serve, operate at the highest capacity, and work collaboratively to create a stronger city. Through educational and professional development programing, curated community discussions and a hunger for change, Momentum believes it can transform the Memphis nonprofit sector.

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